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In 2007 I published my first two books. My first book, "HUNGRY FREAKS, DADDY the Recordings of FRANK ZAPPA and The Mothers Of Invention Volume One 1959-1969", is the first of what will be an eight-volume series documenting the recorded documents of FZ from his earliest recordings (dating back to 1959) to his final recorded work (in 1993) and beyond. The second volume in my Zappa series is "Strictly Genteel", which covers the work of my personal American Idol from 1970 through the end of 1971. In 2008 I published a supplementary volume to the first two books, featuring articles relevant to the Recordings Of Frank Zappa series but not included in those books (mainly for space reasons). Volume three of the books series, "Blessed Relief" (2009) has just been published and is available to order now.  Still deciding what's next,  so as soon as I figure it out, I'll let you know here.  Stay tuned!
My books are self-financed and self-published (at least for now). This gives me the ability to create a book that I would want to see rather than a compromised book such as that which I would have with a major publisher.
This is what you would call a "utilitarian" site at the moment (I like that term), but it will grow and develop over time.
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Blessed Relief

The Recordings Of Frank Zappa

Volume 3, 1972- 1973


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The Zappa Supplement One:

A Box Of History And The Mud Shark Saga

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The Supplement - 2008 - $20 USD

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Now available at Amazon.com, a revised version
of my well-liked first book HUNGRY FREAKS DADDY!!!

The new version of HUNGRY FREAKS DADDY

features some additional text and corrections from the original private printing (these corrections have also been added as an appendix to the private printing of Volume 2) and a new cover.


Booksurge (my printers) have done a masterful job making this
new version look AMAZING!!


Hungry Freaks - Color--2008, $24.99 USD

STRICTLY GENTEEL is the follow-up to 2007's
oddly successful HUNGRY FREAKS, DADDY.
This new book takes a look at the recordings of
Frank Zappa, Hot Rats and The Mothers from
1970 to 1971. It includes a full discography of
authorized and unauthorized releases as well
as detailed listings of all known circulating
"underground" live and studio recordings. And
more besides!

Ooh, Ooh! Looky Looky inside the new book!
Strictly Genteel--2008, $30 USD

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Original, B&W Cover, 1st Edition of Hungry Freaks Daddy


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Hungry Freaks B&W--2007, $25 USD

Click below for some samples from the book.




All 3 Books for one Low Price!


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